Friday, November 26, 2010

Hilarie Burton

It was supposed to be Hilarie.. :-)
I had a really hard time with the hair..

Susan Lyon study 2

Another sanguine pastel pencil study after Susan Lyon

Susan Lyon study

A sanguine pastel pencil study after Susan Lyon - an incredible portrait painter!

figure drawing study

A study. Unfortunately I don't know the artist's name

Indian chief

A messy sketch using watercolors, pastels, markers, pencils, gouache .. oops, I forgot to throw in some ketchup as well, next time :-))
Some refs used in the beginning, probably a Howard Terpning's piece, don't remember..


sanguine pencil used

Thursday, November 25, 2010


 a friend and a colleague of mine

a quick doodle

a 5x25 cm doodle done just for fun and practice

portrait of a smoking lady

a 13x36cm portrait on an old useless piece of cardboard paper, which turned out not so useless after all :-)
 No refs used

another sketch

quick sketch done for practice

portrait from imagination

a quick sketch, oil pastel pencils on a light blue paper


a quick and dirty charcoal pencil sketch

Monday, October 11, 2010

"Проницателят" от Анди Андрюс

Една измислена и същевременно безкрайно истинска и вълнуваща
история, поднесена по толкова простичък и естествен начин, че направо ме остави без думи...
     Въпреки че въобще не съм почитател на "мотивационните" книжки, ужасно много ми хареса. Чете се за 2-3 часа, така че не я започвайте късно вечер, защото няма да я оставите, докато не прелистите и последната страница - да, толкова е добра! :-)
      Дали ще ви помогне да погледнете на малките, но толкова важни неща по различен начин? Лесно ли е да се справим с някои "дреболии", които винаги сме искали да променим, но някак все не успяваме или не ни остава време за това в забързания ни съвременен живот?
Не зная - въпрос на гледна точка, както би казал главния герой.
Приятно четене, надявам се да ви хареса, колкото и на мен!

Линк към книгата в Хеликон

Thursday, September 23, 2010

La Mari

La Mari (Chambao)
I adore her music (and she's gorgeous :-)) and I hope I get the chance to hear them LIVE again sometime soon.

an experiment

One of my experiments - white chalk on black fabriano paper.
It was really hard for me to do it the other way around - painting the highlights instead of shadows...
a good exercise  though

Lidia Nikolova

A friend of mine.
this sketch doesn't do her any justice - she's got wonderful smile and she's always smiling - It's kinda contagious :-)))


quick sketch, no refs used

Dobroslav Stefanov

One of my best friends :-)

Ronnie :-)

Lately I've been very interested in caricatures, should work a lot harder to make it right...
I will... eventually :-)

another one

some refs for the bird, girl's face is from imagination.

quick warmup sketch

a 15 min warmup sketch


this one turned out baaad.. :-)
Well, I'm posting it anyway..

a girl

another one from imagination, no refs
I kinda like it... :-)

a sketch of a girl

another quick one, no refs

redhead :-)

a really quick (like 10-15 minunes) and dirty portrait done in the office for fun

a portrait

a quick portrait from imagination

anatomy study

yet another quick study

another anatomy sketch

anatomy study

Just a quick anatomy study

Saturday, September 18, 2010

John Leguizamo

 Done for the weekly challenge at the Caricaturama Showdown 3000! group - these guys rock big time, check them out.
Watercolor, Derwent Softcolour pencils and black marker used.
it was supposed to be John Leguizamo, but i kinda lost the resemblance along the way.. :-)
Gotta do better next time...

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Milena Ugrinova (aka mim), a friend of mine on Facebook and a VERY talanted photographer!

David Kassan study

a rather quick David Kassan study - the man is an amazing artist - my favorite contemporary artist, period! :-)
Be sure to check out his work, he's a genius!
Done with venetian red oil pastel and white chalk on grey toned paper.

Irina Vasileva, a friend of mine

Хубавата Ирина :-)
Red pencils and pastels and white chalk on toned paper.

Billie Joe Armstrong - a freakin' genius! :-)

Billie Joe, punk's not dead. The guy's an absolute genius !
Probably my all time favorite band.


Anthony Kiedis

Anthony Kiedis from Red Hot Chili Peppers.
I'd love to see these guys in concert again. They rock BIG time - one of my favorite bands EVER! :-)
Done using pencils, charcoal, white pastels and white gouache and w brush for the hair.

a portrait

just a girl - pencils and white pastel on a blue toned paper

Amos Lee

a quick sketch of Amos Lee - this man has an amazing voice!

Josh Groban

a study/sketch of Josh Groban, i just love his music!

Sarah Mclachlan

a quick and dirty sketch of Sarah - inspired by her new album, which is GREAT !!!!!!
Done using pencils, pastels, white gouache, markers etc :-)

another study

done with pastels


a quick study using venetian red oil pastel and white chalk


a quick Sargent study

Eric Clapton

a quick sketch of Mr Slowhand

Gavin Degraw

just a quick and rather sloppy sketch of Gavin

Friday, April 9, 2010


trying out a new technique I picked up from an instructional book


Vasilka Krysteva, a very very dear friend :-)


Portrait of a girl, ref used

a girl

a quick sketch

Friday, March 12, 2010

Asen Stoilov

Asen Stoilov, a good friend of mine

Miroslav Petrov

Miroslav Petrov - a friend on my facebook list and a very talanted artist