Friday, November 26, 2010

Hilarie Burton

It was supposed to be Hilarie.. :-)
I had a really hard time with the hair..

Susan Lyon study 2

Another sanguine pastel pencil study after Susan Lyon

Susan Lyon study

A sanguine pastel pencil study after Susan Lyon - an incredible portrait painter!

figure drawing study

A study. Unfortunately I don't know the artist's name

Indian chief

A messy sketch using watercolors, pastels, markers, pencils, gouache .. oops, I forgot to throw in some ketchup as well, next time :-))
Some refs used in the beginning, probably a Howard Terpning's piece, don't remember..


sanguine pencil used

Thursday, November 25, 2010


 a friend and a colleague of mine

a quick doodle

a 5x25 cm doodle done just for fun and practice

portrait of a smoking lady

a 13x36cm portrait on an old useless piece of cardboard paper, which turned out not so useless after all :-)
 No refs used

another sketch

quick sketch done for practice

portrait from imagination

a quick sketch, oil pastel pencils on a light blue paper


a quick and dirty charcoal pencil sketch