Thursday, September 23, 2010

La Mari

La Mari (Chambao)
I adore her music (and she's gorgeous :-)) and I hope I get the chance to hear them LIVE again sometime soon.

an experiment

One of my experiments - white chalk on black fabriano paper.
It was really hard for me to do it the other way around - painting the highlights instead of shadows...
a good exercise  though

Lidia Nikolova

A friend of mine.
this sketch doesn't do her any justice - she's got wonderful smile and she's always smiling - It's kinda contagious :-)))


quick sketch, no refs used

Dobroslav Stefanov

One of my best friends :-)

Ronnie :-)

Lately I've been very interested in caricatures, should work a lot harder to make it right...
I will... eventually :-)

another one

some refs for the bird, girl's face is from imagination.

quick warmup sketch

a 15 min warmup sketch


this one turned out baaad.. :-)
Well, I'm posting it anyway..

a girl

another one from imagination, no refs
I kinda like it... :-)

a sketch of a girl

another quick one, no refs

redhead :-)

a really quick (like 10-15 minunes) and dirty portrait done in the office for fun

a portrait

a quick portrait from imagination

anatomy study

yet another quick study

another anatomy sketch

anatomy study

Just a quick anatomy study

Saturday, September 18, 2010

John Leguizamo

 Done for the weekly challenge at the Caricaturama Showdown 3000! group - these guys rock big time, check them out.
Watercolor, Derwent Softcolour pencils and black marker used.
it was supposed to be John Leguizamo, but i kinda lost the resemblance along the way.. :-)
Gotta do better next time...