Saturday, January 30, 2010

King of the hill :-)

Meet Aleko Popov :-)

Friday, January 29, 2010


A very quick sketch to try out my new brown pencils - LOVE 'em :-)

Naughty :-)))

Red pencil on colored paper.
Yes - I have a thing for girls with glasses :-)))


Curly redhead :-)

Red sketching pencil on toned paper


Red pencil sketch on toned paper


Red pencil and white pastel on toned paper

Lady in red :-)

Just trying out my red sketching pencils

Portrait of a girl

Portrait - pencil + white pastel on toned paper

a quick sketch

Portrait (will not finish it)

A girl

Just a rough sketch

Music Idol :-)

An indian

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

pastel portrait

My first pastel drawing. Done with pastel pencils and pastel blocks.
It was kinda hard for me, but i like that media, will give it another try definately :-)

The Chief

Reference used - a photo by Edward Curtis

old guy's portrait

 Reference used - a photo by Edward Curtis.
Done in charcoal and pencils

indian girl

An attempt at a Edward Curtis's photo.
That guy's amazing.....


Drawing done at the beach :-)
No refs used



Yep that's me back when I was a kid :-)

Long live the queen

A reference was used for the face, some random googled image

blondie portrait

A blonde girl portrait, no refs.
How the hell do you draw light hair with a pencil?!?

nude girl


a girl

A girl's portrait, no reference used

yet another portrait

Some references used for the dress

another portrait

A portrait of a girl, no reference used

a girl's portrait


Some girls portraits, no reference used

who painted the moon black

a messy portrait of a girl

Missy higgins

A favourite singer/composer of mine, you should check her out! Reference used

a girl

A girl's portrait, no reference used

Iron Maiden doodle

Bruce Willis caricature

Walter Matthau sketch


portrait of a coworker