Sunday, March 27, 2011

Michael Madsen caricature

A caricature of Michael Madsen for a weekly contest over at Facebook

Monday, March 21, 2011

Kanye West finished caricature

Damn, it took me a whole lotta time to get it right (actually I'm not quite sure I did, but...)
My first digital piece (except for a few quick sketches) in about two years - my tablet's been more of a mouse pad ever since I started learning to draw

cartoon chick

a quick cartoon doodle with my coffee

Friday, March 18, 2011

digital portrait

Done with ArtRage - the pencil tool is just AWESOME:-)

Kanye West caricature

Done for a weekly contest over at FB.
Kanye's the victim this week :-)))

portrait in pencil

inspired by the Ron Lemen DVD

sanguine portrait sketch

done while I was watching some instructional DVD, Daniel Greene, I think..

quick painting study

a quick pencil&pastel portrait. I may try and paint this one in oils one of these days

another one

watercolors and pastels on paper, no refs

portrait sketch

quick portrait in sanguine, no refs

portrait study

Graydon Parrish study, flipped it for some reason

quick and dirty sketch

charcoal portrait

Mr Nielsen (R.I.P.)

A caricature attempt (not very successful :-)) for a weekly contest on Facebook

Captain Morgan :-)

My rendition of the famous pirate, done during a lunch break at the office

funny characters

These are quick 20-30 min drawings done just for the fun of it.
Tools used: pencils, grey markers, charcoal, white chalk

The cowboy :-)

the gangsta

the Teacher

The geek:-)

The waiter

Aaaaand finally - the gipsy hunter:-))

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Henry Yan's figure drawing - techniques and tips

Just came in. I'm in AWE!!!
Literally jaw-dropping art in here...
This man is simply amazing - easily THE BEST charcoal drawings I've EVER seen!
Another sparkling jewel in my collection:-) 
If you appreciate art, go get it - this book is priceless, and I mean it! 
So much inspiration...